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Big Blue's Zeno Automotive Berhad: Where Electric Car Is the Way Forward

We are entering into a world of emission-cutting era, a greener, healthier and more sustainable future. As a caring corporate citizen, Big Blue Berhad wants to go beyond this effort – by transforming our nation with electric car taxi services.

We have come a long way, from being in the travel and tourism industry to providing an integrated multi-transportation services such as taxi service, taxi queue management, e-hailing services, valet facility, delivery solutions, car advertisement and taxi app solutions,

Now we forge ahead with Big Blue’s ZENO AUTOMOTIVE BERHAD where we bring in an all-encompassing service aid plans utilising ‘The Electrical Vehicle’.

The Electrical Vehicle

That’s right! Big Blue’s ZENO AUTOMOTIVE BERHAD makes your life easier by introducing electric vehicles nationwide. With the country’s development of the latest technologies, the electric vehicles’ functions to not only help to reduce harmful air pollution, but to support renewable energy and feature eco-friendly production all over Malaysia.

The Future is Now & Here

As the saying goes, we can’t change the past but we certainly can change the future. The future is now and here with Big Blue’s ZENO AUTOMOTIVE BERHAD. We’re here to provide golden opportunity to change effect to our current ecosystem and help on climate change and global warming.

Executive Marketing Plans

Big Blue’s ZENO AUTOMOTIVE BERHAD also carries on the business of manufacture, fabricate, assemble, buy, sell, import, export, distribute, and deal with automobile parts of all kinds of BIG BLUE brokers and marketing agents for green technology.

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Energy Security

Big Blue's Zeno Automotive helps with energy security. Electical Vehicles are easy to power from local and renewable energy sources, reducing our dependence on our local oil & gas company. Big Blue also gives employment benefits Nationwide through the use of locally produced electricity.

Safety Improvement

Big Blue Zeno Automative researched that several Electrical Vehicle features can improve safety and have a lower centre of gravity which makes electrical vehicle-lower risk for major fires or explosions and the body construction and durability of Electrical vehicle may make them safer in a collision.

Health Benefits

Big Blue's Zeno Automotive introduction of the Electrical Vehicle nationwide will help Reduces harmful exhaust emissions that leads to good news for our health. Thus, Better air quality will lead to less health problems and costs caused by air pollution. Additionally Electrical vehicles are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution.

Environmental Friendly

Big Blue Zeno Automotive electrical vehicle guarantees Less pollution, Renewable energy and Eco-friendly materials. Electrical Vehicle helps to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions since it has zero exhaust emissions. Using renewable energy to recharge your Electrical vehicle , you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.