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Big Blue TV : Wherever, Whenever, Outside of Malaysia

Who says, “No news is good news”? At Big Blue TV, we challenge that saying. Our Big News is the pulse of nation and business is the heart of our existence

That’s right! Big Blue TV changes the landscape of broadcasting industry by providing a seamless integrated solutions all-halal platform for the ordinary viewers or business like-minded entrepreneurs



From Big News. Big Niaga, All Halal Shop e-commerce, Lifestyle and People features, Big Blue TV sets to bring the world of news, business and lifestyle to a new high. With opportunities to boost your branding, market your products and services, Big Blue TV challenges the conventional ways of doing business.


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From direct access to online sales & digital marketing experts, creative design team,  exclusive video production peers, sales & marketing executives and more, Big Blue TV is ever ready to transform your business and impact lives with both online and offline business solutions.

Big Blue TV Highlights

Big Blue TV is a pioneering Malaysian Social Media News Company that is aiding business owners and entrepreneurs on corporate social responsibility collaboration, commercializing, online sales, and digital marketing solutions needed to adopt and adapt to the current new normal.

Target Nationwide Audience


With Big Blue TV, business people everywhere will interface to a dynamic network of individuals from the social media platforms by conveying their business, products, services, finance-related information, news, and knowledge insights to clients worldwide.

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Big Blue Digital Marketing Target Audience

Digital Marketing

Big Blue In-house Online Sales & Digital Marketing Component that utilises internet and online based digital technologies and digital media platforms to promote Big Blues partners sale's product's and services.

Creative & Design

Big Blue In-house Creative Team primarily coordinate and create the ad copy and the artwork for Big Blue's media, including animations, graphics, television, social media, blog, website and customer's ads

TV Production

Big Blue In-House Tv Production Produces Big Blue's Social Media News channel,  in charge of current News, Talk shows recording, studio rental , commercial advertisement and more.

Sales & Marketing

Big Blue Conventional Sales & Marketing team find partners and clients to join all halal shop and demonstrates clients products and services through the help of overall Big Blue TV services.