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Big Blue Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a trustworthy business place and building a better world are not two separate competing goals. They are both fundamental key elements for long-term achievement.

Big Blue Corporate Social Responsibility  is an NGO organisation that provides corporate social responsibility services to those in need, especially for the B40 group all over Malaysia.

By teaming up with other organisations, CSR Big Blue helps raise funds and distribute them to the less fortunate.

The targeted group includes orphanage centres, critical disease patients, jobless single mothers, tahfiz students, and homeless people.

CSR Big Blue improves the lives of the needy and shares the value of joy to the underprivileged and highlights the spirit of giving and helping others.

Be Our Partners

In short, partnering with CSR Big Blue promises you that all Malaysians of the B40 group and less capable group will get assistance and improvement of their lives. We are after all, “Always there with you, for you.”

Every Lives Values in Big Blue

“CSR isn’t a particular programme, it’s what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.”

Our Mission is to assist the B40 group and the less fortunate by performing social responsibilities. 

To help improve the lives of needy and share the value of cheerfulness to left out society. To highlight the spirit in helping others.

Our Activities & Programs include

◦To help the poor and needy in terms of basic needs and employment
◦To assist the orphans/tahfiz improve their lives and education
◦To celebrate and cheer the disabled and special care children
◦To implement charity program in mosques/surau
◦To be together in environmental related programs
◦To provide economic opportunities for underprivileged single mothers
◦To improve the learning of children with disabilities in term of finances or others


Our Bold Identity

Big Blue CSR Bold Identity is to ensure all Malaysians of B40 group and less capable group to get assisted by improving their lives necessities and secured in line with the slogan “You’re not alone”


Observation & Identification

To search for needy from various group especially on B40 group & To identify the basic needs of those in need to be contributed financially or others

Fund Collection & Distribution

To collect funds and contributions from various parties in terms of money, goods and services and To distribute the funds to the needy after details screening, recording in the foundation’s data

Sharing Happiness

Joyful can be shared once the donations is shared together to those in need.

Result Viewing

Relationships with recipients of donations will always be monitored to ensure the concerns last long.