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Big Blue Capital : Where Investment Aplenty

Ever wonder what to do to start a venture capital? Or need to manage assets, invest in uncharted waters and terrains?

Look no further. Big Blue Capital is here.

Big Blue Berhad kicks off with one subsidiary company and since then, it has grown from strength to strength with nine underlined subsidiaries. 

The Big Blue Capital is set up to further steer the company to greater heights. It is the central investment organisation in all subsidiaries of Big Blue Berhad

Big Blue Capital aids to supply financial advice, finance management, investment planning, finance direction, asset development, bonds, economics strategist, and more. It plays as Big Blue Berhad’s investment hub via smart partnerships while enabling venture capital funding for all Big Blue Berhad subsidiaries.


Our Bold Identity

Big Blue Capital aims to create more funding collaborations and be more private-sector driven. Together with all of Big Blue Berhad subsidiaries and partners, It is ever ready to go to more extraordinary lengths to discover and invest in companies with the potential to succeed.

Do you call yourself as an Ambitious Entrepreneur

If you’re an ambitious business person, join us and let us transform your vision into reality and turn every single investment into profits together.

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Finance Management

Big Blue Capital Plans, directs, organizes, and controls Big Blue Berhad's financial activities such as procurement and utilisation of funds of Big Blue. including applying general management principles to financial resources of Big Blue.

Investment Planning

Big Blue capital matches Big Blue Berhad subsidiaries and partners financial goals and objectives with their financial resources. Big Blue also does financial planning under Investment Planning.

Economic Forecaster

Big Blue Capital predicts the future condition of Big Blue Berhad economy using a combination of widely followed indicators to determine fiscal and monetary policies and plan future operating activities throughout all Big Blue Berhad Subsidiaries.

Asset Development

Big Blue Capital provides long-term benefits and have the potential to help partners to improve their economic status, expand opportunities for community participation, and positively impact their quality of life experience.