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Are we really safe? If you have fever, dry cough and that edgy tiredness feeling, go straight to the nearest or clinic.You are not only doing yourself a favour, you are doing the world a favour.  But isn’t it better if you can take some steps to prevent illnesses – like having your own sanitiser?


That’s right! 2020 had introduced many things, including  COVID 19. You can stop it from spreading further with Big Blue Synergy which was set up to ensure our community can fight this together apart from the post Movement Restriction Order

Big Blue Synergy ensures your life can go back to a “new normal,” and people feel safe to resume their daily activities once again. To fight COVID-19, you need to carry out sanitization service in the right way as only through a proper sanitization process, you will have a protective layer against dangerous microbes from harming yourselves in the future.


Where Safety Comes First


Big Blue Synergy offers sanitising solutions, which include effective sanitisers and services to ensure that our home, offices, public transportation, streets, and familiar hang-out places are safe for human activities.

Fight Virus, Be A Hero

Above all, we are also looking for business partners too to join us in our fight against Covid-19. So if you’re in laundry service, maid agency service, lavation service, purification service, gardening service and any service related to cleaning, talk to us. We’re going to make the world a safer, cleaner and sustainably healthier place.

Clean Hands, Save Lives

Soap and water can spare lives. With our Sanitising offers, consistently, by washing your hands appropriately, individuals can forestall the spread of sicknesses and contaminations.

Hygienic behavior eases back the spread of any sickness.

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ECOLAB : Advancing Cleaner & Safer Practice

In order to fight the battle with COVID19, we need to carry out sanitization service in the right way. Only through a proper sanitization process,  will it provides a protective layer against dangerous microbes from harming ourselves in the future, this sanitizing service is crucial to ensure our home, our offices, our public transportation, our streets, our common hang out places is safe for human activities.

Cleanliness Is Goodliness

Big Blue Synergy showers cleanliness is generally significant not only for physical well-being but as well as healthy environment too. It has bearing on the public and personal hygiene. It is fundamental for everybody to learn about being hygienic, cleanliness, sanitisation and the different sicknesses that are caused because of poor hygienic conditions.

Synergy Service

We provide the service directly to your place. All communication and payment can be done online and there is no need for you to come and meet us to discuss on the services rendered.

Big Blue Frontliners

Our team consist of Malaysians who are determined to ensure the country is back on its feet and looks forward for the economy to jump start as soon as possible so that all the economical impact on the society can be minimised as much as possible.

Special Equipment

We are using special machine to ensure all the hard-to-reach spots are taken care of and the virus to be eliminated totally from your property.

Government Approved

The liquid disinfectant used by our team has been approved by MIESTI and being widely used to combat COVID19 as we speak. We are using Ecolab 22